The new Fanta Mystery, a soda so mysterious that nobody knows its real flavor. Well, analyzing the search data during Halloween, one of the top subjects is always "how to cook unexpected snacks". We saw there the perfect opportunity to launch it: by creating the creepiest cooking competition ever.

The very first unreality show
to turn gamers with no cooking
expertise into chefs in an
unprecedented live culinary

The Insight

One of the most searched subjects on social media during Halloween is how to cook unexpected snacks. What if we proved that those spooky snacks people crave harmonize perfectly with the new mysterious Fanta flavor?

The Idea

To cast 6 gaming streamers to compete 
in Twitch's most unconventional content format: a cooking competition with unbelievable challenges, like baking a heart cake; using medieval weapons to cut vegetables; preparing mini burgers with frog meat; or selecting ingredients with labels in Bulgarian. All broadcasted 
to 10 countries.

Fanta also had its own weird commercial breaks.

Each influencer had a unique poster illustrated by an independent artist.

The world's very first unreality show,
with results that are pure reality.

An unparalleled production for 
a live that overcame all Twitch benchmarks in Latin America.